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We combine more than 25 years of global experience with the vision of young professionals specialized in the renewable energy market.

We leverage our international relationships, together with strong local market links, to provide specialized technical knowledge in photovoltaic solar energy solutions.

We are a dynamic multidisciplinary team permitting us to offer technical, financial, commercial, legal and operational solutions of international quality.

We are, by design, a small team. This allows us to offer robust solutions at the lowest possible cost, to maximize customer benefits.

Howard Foy


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Originally from North Carolina, USA, he worked in Operations for Pan American Airways in New York for 7 years. He then moved to Argentina, where he served as Manager of Operations and Reengineering at Citibank for more than 8 years. Later, he founded and managed his own export company shipping books to the US and Europe for 12 years. The last 6 years, he has been a business consultant for suppliers, developers and investors in solar energy.

Matias Irigoyen
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Bachelor in Economics from CEMA. Later, he achieved a Master's in Environmental Management at ITBA and a Master's in Energy at Buenos Aires University. He completed three solar PV power plants design programs. In addition to it, he accomplished the renewable energy project management program from UdeSA. . He worked 6 years in USA and Australia. He has performed in the energy sector for the past 10 years, specializing in the renewable energy industry.

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